About Us

My name is Vanessa Harris, founder of Custom Health. I’m a pharmacist with extensive academic and practical experience in the fields of health and medicines information research, pharmaceutical formulation, pharmacology and integrative health.

I’m also trained in holistic horse care and orthopaedic hoof trimming.

In 2002 I established Custom Health, combining my interests in integrative healthcare with my passion for animals, particularly horses and dogs.

Custom Health provides effective and affordable nutritional supplements targeting the management of some of the most frequent health challenges faced by leisure and performance horses and dogs.

There are over 30 products to choose from. Each product is made to order. I also offer customised advice and supplement formulation.

Give me a call today. I look forward to helping you and your animals achieve optimal health.

"Finest Ingredients, Free From Additives & Preservatives"

Joint Health

Classic, Advanced & Premium Joint Support Pro & Ultra Joint Support Pain Less MSM Glucosamine Sulphate

Hoof Health

Nutri Hoof Opti Hoof Classic & Advanced Hoof Support

Custom Formulas

Uniquely customised formulations Consultation required Individualy targeted solutions

Digestive Health & Immune Support

Acid Ease Digestive Support L-Glutamine Prebio & Toxin Binder

Stress Management & Calming

Daily Calmer Stress Less L-Theanine Valerian Root Powder 4:1 Extract Taurine Magnesium Oxide L-Tryptophan

Muscle Building & Antioxidants

Muscle Support Spirulina Vitamin E Vitamin C Milk Thistle Seed Powder

Contact Vanessa

082 491 2104
Tokai, Western Cape, Str Code 7966